Legendary - Stephanie Garber

I was extremely excited to read the second book in the Caraval series. I enjoyed the first book so much, but I still had a lot of unanswered questions. Who is Legend? What really happened to Scarlett and Tella's mom? What is Scarlett's ex-fiancee really like? And so many more. I was thrilled to finally, finally get all of my questions answered! I was ecstatic! Right up until I turned that last page and saw, "Epilogue," and it was about two pages long and answered NOTHING. Okay, we do find out who Legend is, but I'm still not satisfied. I need more answers!


Let's start at the beginning. I loved that this book was written through Tella's point of view. This time around Tella is playing the game and Scarlett is off in her room not doing much of anything (that we know of). Tella needs to win the game so that she can learn Legend's true identity and give this information to a "friend" who, in exchange, will help Tella locate her mother. The problem is, the more Tella plays the more she begins to realize this game may not be a game this time around. The stakes are much higher and things are getting real.


Once again, there are twists and secrets revealed. We learn a lot more about Tella's mom, but we don't get all of the information. That was my biggest disappointment. We were so close to getting answers, but the book just ends! I don't blame Garber for this at all. It was my mistake thinking this was a duology. Obviously it's not, and I will have to wait about 6 months before the final book comes out and hopefully answers all of my original questions plus all the new questions Legendary leaves us with.


Caraval remains my favorite book of this series so far. Legendary was really good, but it didn't feel quite as magical and awe inspiring as Caraval. There is less action, mostly due to Tella having very low stamina and being unable to really run around searching for clues. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces, and also meeting some new characters, and I love the cover art. All of the books in the series have such beautiful artwork. Overall, I love the world that Garber has created.