Bring Me Back: A Novel - B.A. Paris

 I was so excited when I finally received a ding from my library saying my copy was available! Just as I did with the last two Paris books I flew through this one. Once again, it was incredibly entertaining even though it is completely unrealistic.


This story is told through different points of view. Some chapters Finn is speaking to his girlfriend, Layla, who went missing years ago when they were on a skiing vacation in France. It jumps back and forth between now and 'before" giving us the details of how they met and fell in love, right up until their fateful stop at a rest area to use the restroom where Layla disappears. 


Twelve years later Layla's body has never been found, Finn has moved on with his life, fallen in love with her sister, Ellen, and made a home with her. They are engaged to be married when suddenly little Russian dolls begin appearing along with strange emails and sightings of Layla suggesting she is still alive.


Finn has never stopped loving Layla and holds on to the hope that just maybe she is still out there. As much as he cares for and appreciates Ellen, she just isn't the love of his life. The emails become more intense and Finn is convinced someone is playing sick mind games with him. He doesn't know who to trust and he's determined to get to the bottom of things.


I felt like I had things all figured out fairly early on as I did with the Breakdown, and once again, Paris had a few surprises in store that I did not see coming. I do love little surprises, especially when I'm pretty convinced I know exactly where things are going and the author says, "Ha! You didn't see that one, did you?" 


As I have come to expect, though, you will have to keep an open mind and not try to think too hard on the "hows" and "whys" or you may drive yourself crazy. How do they not know what is going on? Why haven't they figured it out? It's frustrating and fun at the same time. Behind Closed Doors is still my favorite Paris book, but Bring Me Back was quite the fun page turner.