Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris
I could hardly put this book down. I think I finished it faster than I did the Breakdown. I even enjoyed this one more than the Breakdown. This was a pretty fast paced story and it held a lot more suspense. A lot more!
I'm not sure how to even review this without spoiling anything. You learn right away what's actually going on so there really isn't any big mystery to be had and if you read the blurb you will already have a pretty good idea, however, I'll just say what I did and didn't love about this book and leave it at that.
First, Paris can really write a villain you can hate. I wanted to see this character ripped apart by wolves, poisoned, beaten, humiliated and overall just die a slow, miserable death. Second, I loved Millie! She is Grace's younger sister with special needs. She is funny, smart and absolutely hates George Clooney. She gave me quite of few chuckles in between all the fear and worry I had for her safety. 
I loved the ending, but at the same time I kept thinking, there is no way. Absolutely no way. There are so many situations that didn't make sense throughout the book because in reality, those situations just wouldn't happen, but that's OK. I read to escape reality and this book definitely did the job. I'm looking forward to reading Bring Me Back just as soon as my library has it available, in about 98 days or so. *sigh*