The Breakdown - B. A. Paris
This book was recommended to me by a Barnes & Noble employee who found me wandering aimlessly through the aisles, as I often do when I have far too many books on my tbr shelf, but can't pass a bookstore without popping in for a minute or an hour or so. I didn't catch your name, wonderful employee lady, but thanks for placing this in my hands!
 I love when a book gets straight to it! I was immediately caught up in the story. Paris had me invested from chapter one. Thank goodness for rainy, dreary days, because I had zero reason to put the book down and adult.

On a stormy night, Cass heads home down a treacherous short cut, despite her husband telling her not to take that dangerous route. She sees a woman in a car and stops to see if she's broken down and in need of help. The woman doesn't get out of the car and Cass fears it might be a trap, so she leaves. The next morning she discovers the woman she saw was murdered and now Cass is wracked with guilt.

I wouldn't call this a super scary, edge of your seat thriller. It mainly keeps you wondering whether Cass is imagining she is being stalked by the murderer or if it's all in her head. She begins receiving phone calls and believes they're from the murderer, but no one actually says anything when she picks up. In addition, she begins forgetting things quite often. Lunches with friends, things she's ordered, signing a contract to have an alarm installed, the list goes on. She fears that she may end up like her mom who was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

I was able to sympathize with Cass and her fears. I help care for my elderly grandmother who has a tendency of forgetting everything. She forgets where she left her shopping list, her mail, her money, her phone, repeating conversations 3 and 4 times and I often worry, I might follow in her footsteps. That's a scary thought!

It wasn't too difficult to figure out the whodunit portion of the story. In fact, I had most of it figured out from pretty early on, but the ending did have a few surprises that I enjoyed and it was quite a satisfying ending. I enjoyed her writing so much I've already gotten about halfway through Behind Closed Doors. Since the Breakdown was the first book I read by Paris I decided to jump straight into her debut novel and I'm looking forward to tackling her newest release.