Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 - Marissa Meyer, Douglas Holgate

This was the very first graphic novel I've ever read! I have always been a little iffy at the thought of reading them until I went on a small book buying binge (as if I don't have a stack already waiting on me) and made the mistake of taking a peek inside this book. Not only reading about the cast of lovable characters, who I have missed so much from the Lunar Chronicles series, but seeing them was such a fantastic experience.


My favorite character is Iko, so having her take center stage in this action packed adventure was so much fun! Not only did I finish it far too quickly, despite taking my time to enjoy the artwork, but I then had to run back and get the second volume because I just had to know more about Iko and what makes her unique. I originally thought the book centered ONLY around Iko and her story after the events of the Lunar Chronicles series, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all the characters make appearances. 


Cinder is doing her best to rule Luna while Winter has become an ambassador, still as charming and sweet as ever. Thorne is just as hilariously into himself, and Scarlet and Wolf are the most adorable couple, quite comfortable living on the Benoit farm. One of my favorite illustrations in the book is of Wolf cutting up tomatoes in the kitchen and cooking with Scarlet. 


There are packs of wolf-hybrid soldiers running rampant on earth and Iko is doing her best to round them all up android/Lara Croft style. She is just as sassy and lovable as I remember her! The ending of this book left me wanting more, so naturally, I jumped straight into Wires and Nerve Vol. 2. My only complaint, is that this book was not nearly long enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel, and I certainly won't be hesitant to pick up more.