Heartless - Marissa Meyer

I loved the Lunar Chronicles, and when I heard that Meyer was writing a book about the Queen of Hearts, I was thrilled! Catherine wants nothing more out of life than to open her own bakery with her dear friend, Mary Ann. Unfortunately for her, her parents have other plans. Cath has caught the King's eye, and her mother is determined to see Cath become Queen at any cost.


Cath is not in love with the simple minded King and has absolutely no interest in becoming Queen. When she meets Jest, the charming, handsome, witty Joker, who whisks her away to late night tea parties and begins popping up in her dreams, the King becomes more of an annoyance than anything else. At times I almost felt sorry for the poor dolt.


This book will rip your heart out. Yes, I went there. Despite knowing where the story is inevitably heading, you can't help being drawn in. With the cast of familiar Wonderland characters including, Cheshire cat, the Mad Hatta, the White Rabbit, and many more, Meyer did a wonderful job bringing them all to life.


My favorite scene had to be the game of hedgehog croquet involving unruly flamingos with shrimp breath and the bone structure of a noodle being shaken by their scrawny legs.


"We practiced this, you foul fowl!"


I love Meyer's sense of humor, her writing style and her ability to breath new life into old tales. Meyers is great with happy endings, but I was curious to see how she would handle a much darker tale. I was not disappointed! Heartless is heading straight to my favorites list.