A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

This book surpassed my expectations in so many wonderful ways. I originally gave A Court of Thorns and Roses five stars. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was completely blown away by the twists and turns this series has taken. Can I give this book more than five stars?

I was feeling very disappointed in some of the characters and their choices from the previous book, but I came to really love the new friends that Feyre makes, the Night Court and the beauty of Valeris. If only it were possible to visit fictional places. The world-building was amazing. We see so much of the realm, including the chilling Court of Nightmares, the Court of Dreams and more.

After all the horrors that she survived, Feyre now has to heal and move on. She grows and changes so much in this book. Some of my favorite parts were watching her discover and attempt to master her new powers and seeing how incredibly powerful she really is.

What can I say about Rhysand? I knew he was something special from the moment he was introduced in ACoTaR but he also exceeded my expectations in many glorious ways. At first he is strength and power, mystery and darkness, but then we get to learn about his heartbreaking background, the caring and compassion he shows for his people and the things he did to keep them safe. The way he supports Feyre and allows her to make her own decisions, the respect and honor that he shows her makes him such an easy character to fall in love with.

That ending! I was not expecting after 640 pages to be left THERE. Like THAT. I certainly hope Maas is furiously writing away because I don't know how I'm going to stand the wait for book 3. Once again, her book is going straight to my favorites list.