In the Time of Dragon Moon - Janet Lee Carey
This is the third book in the Wilde Island Chronicles but it can be read as a standalone. Uma is the daughter of a highly respected Euit healer and an English midwife. In Uma's tribe only the men are allowed to become healers. Uma does her best to hide her feminine traits in the hopes that she will be allowed to continue to learn alongside her father and possibly become her tribe's first female healer. 
When Uma and her father are taken by the English queen and their home is surrounded, they are forced to attempt to cure the queen who suffers from bouts of madness and barrenness. Uma's father passes away before he can complete the treatments, leaving Uma alone to finish the job. If she fails to cure the queen before time runs out, she will be burned at the stake. 
I love Uma's character. She is brave and strong willed as well as caring, intelligent, and eager to learn. She spent so much of her time hiding her femininity and becoming the boy her father never had, when she meets Jackrun she finally begins to realize that she can be a healer and be herself, even if she isn't entirely sure who that is. Jackrun is part human, fey and dragon, making him a very unique character.
Carey's writing style is enchanting and her dragons come alive. They were one of my favorite things about this book. I kept hoping that Uma would get her very own dragon or at least be allowed to fly on one. 
I enjoyed reading about the Euit's customs and traditions. All of the characters were interesting and the story line was captivating. The romance was sweet and the story itself was very different compared to the books I've been reading lately. It was exactly what I was looking for.