HELPER12 - Jack Blaine
In this dystopian novel people are labeled and tattooed as infants for what occupation they will hold. Breeders, Helpers, Laborers, Artists, etc. It's all decided for them by what the population will need in the future. Only the rich society members choose how they wish to live.
Benna, Helper12, is a baby helper. She cares for the infants in the Pre-ward until they are sent off to be labeled. Until one day a society couple come in to her ward. They are illegally adopting one of the babies, a boy that Benna has become attached to and calls Jobee. Mr. and Mrs. Sloane also buy Benna as a live in nanny for the baby. Shortly after arriving at the Sloane's house Benna realizes that they are not as perfect as they seem. 

Benna begins developing a friendship that eventually turns into a romance with the Sloanes biological son, Thomas. Thomas is not like his parents or other Society members. He sees the flaws in this world and even though he can't change them, he doesn't want to be suppressed by them. 
Benna becomes worried when Mrs. Sloane starts to regret her impulse baby buying. Thomas comes up with a plan to get her and Jobee out but will she go along with it? Does she even have a choice? 
I really enjoyed this book! I loved Benna and especially Thomas. The only issue I have is that there isn't enough world building. I would have liked to go deeper into how this society works. It is a short book, but worth the read! Fast paced and exciting. The ending was perfect!