Reborn (Born Trilogy) - Tara Brown

This is the final book in the Born Trilogy. Emma and crew are back in action with a plan to kill her father. They learn of an EMP that will be detonated and cut off all power. The world will have a chance to start over. Emma decides not to kill her father and instead let him die in this harsh world she has had to endure because of him. But her father isn't done with her yet. 


Everyone has started to rebuild. Bernie's mansion has been turned into a camp. With all of the new people it becomes a bit much for a pregnant Anna and everyone decides to go back to the old farmhouse. Joined by a few older ladies from the other camp they decide to make it into a working farm once again. Just when things are starting to settle down, Star shows up and tells them that the mansion has been attacked and taken over by their father, Michael. This man will stop at nothing. Emma and Star decide that they must go back and end this.


The whole book was just a huge roller coaster of emotions for me. Emma has become one of my favorite heroines. I loved seeing her development and growing relationships. Despite everything, this was my favorite in the series. It was raw and emotional but a fitting conclusion. This was an amazing series!