Born to Fight: 2 (The Born Trilogy) - Tara Brown

This is the second book in the Born Trilogy. It picks up right where the first book ended. Emma has found out that she is different than other people. She was genetically created to be stronger, faster and able to heal more quickly than other people. She is also immune to the zombie virus. As it turns out, her father is the one behind all of the breeder farms and playing God with genetics. The man who she thought was her father, Lenny, is actually her uncle.  Her actions are the effect of being a GEN kid, the irrational behavior and rage. It makes them more unstable. Their emotions are heightened. Everything is bigger and faster.


After Anna, Jake, and Will, help Emma escape from her father they head back to the camp. Once there, everyone learns what Emma is and they all fear her. She can't take the looks and threats so she leaves, taking her friends with her. Will takes them to Star's brother's mansion. He is a genius and works in the city. While at the mansion they are attacked by the infected. Anna gets hurt and becomes sick. With Bernard's help Emma and Will go into the city to retrieve the vaccine that will cure Anna. While they are there they also find out that Star is a GEN baby too and that makes her Emma's half sister! 


The make it back to the mansion and give Anna the vaccine. But it isn't working. They decide to take her to the city so Michael (Emma's real father) can heal her, he is the only one that can do it. After several days and no word from Bernard, they go in to save her themselves. Everyone's lives are changed and affected by the outcome. As soon as they solve a problem, more arise. This second book does not disappoint. Its just as exciting as the first. My emotions were all over the place and I was freaking out right along with the characters.