Half Wolf (Alpha Underground) (Volume 1) - Aimee Easterling

I was given a copy of Half Wolf for free in exchange for an honest review.

Fen has been cast out of her old pack and become the alpha of her own small pack. She has a hard time embracing her new role. She is a half wolf, a "halfie", and prefers to use her human wits (and a  katana) rather than her wolf abilities.


Danger seems to be following Fen and her pack. There is a group called the Shifter Sanitation Society that is abducting and sacrificing halfies. When the other halfie in the pack goes missing, they set out to rescue her. Of course things don't always go according to plan. They have a traitor in their midst!


I wont spoil the book, but even I was surprised to find out who the traitor was. Fen really stepped up and became the alpha her pack needed.
This was a great book! I couldn't put it down. From the very beginning there is action, danger, and suspense. There is even a little romance!


I was again impressed by Aimee Easterling's writing. Her characters are intriguing and her werewolf world is captivating. Can't wait to read the next one!