Passenger - Alexandra Bracken

This book has a nice mixture of mystery, romance and time travel. All of the characters were interesting and well written. Etta is strong, intelligent and courageous despite all the obstacles she has to overcome. She is thrust into time travel without any training or knowledge that she even has the ability to time travel and forced to go on a journey to find a mysterious object. She must do this to save the people she loves, including her mother, Rose. That woman will not be getting any mother of the year awards, that's for sure! Rose is a complicated character who I found fascinated me just as much as she angered me.

Nicholas is a charming, caring and endearing character. He is like Etta, unwillingly thrown into the journey through time to search for the missing object. Even the villains were well written and I enjoyed their scenes as well as learning why they have such an obsession with finding the artifact and what they stand to gain from its use.

I did feel that the story was a bit slow. There was more talking and romance, sideways glances and hands brushing, etc. than there was adventure. I was really excited for the action and the journey to begin and when it finally did I couldn't put it down. It really picks up and what an ending! I am excited for the next book to come out to see where it will all head.

This series is a duology so there will be one more book due out in 2017.