The Revolution of Ivy - Amy Engel
This picks up right where The Book of Ivy left us after that horrible cliffhanger! In the first half of the book Ivy is struggling to survive after being put out beyond the walls of Westfall without any knowledge of how to fend for herself. After struggling for a week on her own she is found and taken in by Caleb and Ash. They take Ivy back to their camp where they teach her to hunt, fight, and survive off the land. It's here that we see Ivy come to terms with her banishment from Westfall and grow into a stronger, more independent person. 


Bishop has left Westfall in search of Ivy. When he finally finds her and her camp he is not welcomed by most. They see him as an enemy, a threat. After all, he is President Lattimers son. Many of the people at the camp have been put out by the President or know someone who has. Ivy is less than thrilled about Bishop's arrival at first. She has built up these walls, has accepted that she will never see him again and has tried to start over and build a new life. Then BAM! Bishop is back in her life again. Bishop is still the kind, patient and caring man he was before and Ivy slowly lets him back in to heart. And I'm so glad she did! Bishop is so perfectly swoon worthy, how could she not?


They receive word of the chaos and destruction that has been going on back in Westfall, including the impending execution of Ivy's sister, Callie and the disappearance of their father. Ivy decides she must go back and try to rescue Callie and find her father. This is the only issue I have with these books. I still can't understand why she would want to save them. They did nothing but mentally abuse her her whole life. They used her to try and gain control of Westfall. They did nothing to try and help her when she was accused of attempting to murder Bishop and was banished from Westfall. But she went back anyway. 
 I can't say much from this point without revealing spoilers. I will say that the ending was amazing! My emotions were all over the place. At one point I was gripping the book so hard my knuckles turned white. The action was engrosing and intense.The fear of a character's sudden death had me terrified. The outcome of the rivalry between Ivy and Bishop's father was heartbreaking, yet satisfying and  I think it needed to end this way. 
The ending was so perfect. Everything was tied up. I had no unanswered questions. Ivy and Bishop finally get to live and love how they choose.