Atlantia - Ally Condie
Rio and her twin sister, Bay, live in the underwater city of Atlantia. When the children of Atlantia come of age they are able to choose whether they want to stay Below or go Above. Rio has dreamed of going Above and is devastated when Bay chooses to go Above instead, leaving Rio alone in the Below. Rio is a siren but has to keep this a secret from everyone. Sirens are very rare and her society deems the sirens too dangerous and keeps them locked away. Rio is determined to get to the Above and with the help of her love interest, True, she saves up money by racing in the Deepmarket after hours. Rio does eventually make it to the Above and the story wraps up very neatly, leaving no questions unanswered.

Being a huge fan of Ally Condie’s “Matched” series, I couldn’t wait to read Atlantia. Unfortunately it falls a bit short, or maybe my expectations were too high. The pace is very slow at times and I would have liked to see more world building. There was so much left unexplained about Atlantia itself. And there were no mermaids. At all.

This is not a riveting, action-packed, edge of your seat type story. It is a very unique dystopian full of mystery with a satisfying ending.