First World - Jaymin Eve
This book was so much fun! No part of this book dragged for me at all. Abby our heroine is a tough, street smart orphan who grew up in New York learning to fight at Compound 23. It’s the year 2035 and things are looking bleak. Despite the hardships they have endured, Abby and her best friend Lucy keep their spirits up with their humor, sarcasm and witty personalities. I love their characters! I am adding to my fiction bucket list. I want to spend the day exploring First World and having a blast with Abby and Luce.

When Abby discovers that she does have a family on another planet and she may not be an earthling, things get even more interesting. I would love to live on First World. It was so enjoyable adventuring to this beautiful planet with the girls and watching as Abby attempts to learn the basics. One of my favorite scenes in this book is when Abby takes a shower and has to learn how to turn on the water without the use of taps or nozzles, figure out how to dry off without a towel, open doors and is baffled by the fact that there are no light switches anywhere in the house. I wont even start on Abby’s amazing room and closet. It would make Cher from Clueless green with envy.

There is an array of colorful characters to fall in love with. Josian is the over protective, virtually indestructible papa bear who is absolutely lovable despite his arrogance. Brace who is tall, dark and to die for with his distracting accent and Quarn, a mysterious guardian described by Abby as “the older grumpier Superman,” just to name a few.

This book isn't perfect, a lot of things seem to fit together and fall into place a little too perfectly at times moving the story along pretty rapidly but I can’t complain. I tend to become bored when stories progress too slow or they drag on with too many descriptions, emotions, details, etc.

First World is the first of seven books and I’m so glad it is. I can’t wait to journey with the gang to the other planets for more adventure, danger, and laughs. I’m eager to meet the new characters and races and see how Abby’s powers grow and where her mission takes her. I’m also curious to finally find out what Miqueriona means. Spurn (Book 2) is already waiting patiently for me on my kindle.


Recommendation: This book is great for anyone looking for a fast paced story with a little romance, a lot of adventure and a strong female who can kick butt while making you laugh.