Spurn - Jaymin Eve
Abby and her friends have journeyed to Spurn, a planet that is 95% water. The moment they land on the only landmass on Spurn they are captured by creatures that resemble hybrid fish. Abby is searching for the only half walker on this planet. She is gathering all the half walkers so they can help save the worlds by stopping the release of the Seventine before they run out of time.

This book is even more action packed than the first book in the series. I barely had time to catch my breath between fights, challenges, betrayals and battles. Abby is discovering more of her powers but unfortunately, she is having a hard time learning to control them. They tend to have a mind of their own. Add to her frustration the handsome distraction that is Brace, giant angry water creatures, abductions and the fact that time is quickly running out and the Seventine are already being released.

Be warned. This book ends with a major cliff hanger! I was so glad that I already had Crais (book 3) on my kindle ready to go so I wasn’t scrambling around trying to find it. I enjoyed First World (book 1) but Spurn was even more enjoyable to me. From book to book the scenery changes entirely. The people and races are very unique and each of the half walkers, from their looks to their powers, are completely different making them special because they are each the only one of their kind. Between the non-stop action and Abby and Lucy’s wit and sarcasm there is never a dull moment.