Crais: 3 (A Walker Saga) - Jaymin Eve
Abby and company have journeyed to the planet of Crais in search of the next half-Walker on their list. Crais is a scorching planet with two suns. The natives live in caves and most can’t leave the caves while the suns are out due to the heat and low oxygen level. We get to meet dragons (tame and murderous), zombies, fairies and even a giant wolf. There were chick fights, hilarious Lucy and Talina intoxicated table dancing, and the most fiery tempered half-Walker, who is aptly named, Fury.

Fury is the complete opposite of Talina and her sweet nature and water powers. Fury is red skinned, white haired, seething with anger and sarcasm, and ready to burst into flame at the slightest provocation. Add to her list of um lovable quirks, she can’t stand “super Abby.” Speaking of super Abby, not only is she still working on controlling and using her normal powers, she is shocked to discover another amazing power that will hopefully aid in their fight to save the worlds!

I definitely enjoyed the action, romance, laughs, surprises and new interesting characters. I was also thrilled to find Lucy able to take an active role in helping with the mission instead of just being along for the ride. I’m already looking forward to Regali, the next book in the series.