Eve - Anna Carey
It is the night before graduation and all the girls at Eve's school are attending a celebration. As the other girls are excitedly talking about the future and their careers, Eve catches Arden sneaking away from the school. Eve follows her and learns that everything they have been told is a lie. They are not going to the city to study and learn their crafts. Instead they will be strapped to tables and used as breeding machines to help populate the new world. With the help of a teacher Eve escapes and sets off across this New America with Arden to find Califia, a safe haven for girls.

Eve is not like other dystopian heroines. She is very flawed, naive, and selfish at times. There are a few scenes where it seemed like she lacked any common sense at all. Just wait until you get to the part with the bear, you'll see what I mean.

I loved the relationship between Eve and Arden. It was so well developed and deep. They are so different yet they come to realize they have more in common they they thought.

Remember me mentioning a scene with a bear? Well that's where the love interest, Caleb, comes riding in on horseback to save the day. Despite being taught to fear men, Caleb slowly gains Eve's trust. When Eve discovers that the King's soldiers are after her she has to make the decision to stay with Caleb and risk being captured or go to Califia.

The book is gripping and well paced. I honestly could not put it down. However! I did not like the ending. Not because it was bad, but because of the decision Eve made. It left me heartbroken and angry. Why, Eve? Why? Despite my dislike of the ending, I couldn't wait to read the sequel! If you enjoyed books like Delirium, Matched and Divergent, you'll definitely want to read Eve.